Northeast Ohio Families 

Night Nurse Services– A night nurse is a newborn specialist who handles the night shift so Mom and Dad can rest. If the baby is bottle-fed the role of the night nurse is to allow both parents to get a full night’s sleep. If Mom is breastfeeding the night nurse brings the baby to Mom and then settles baby back to bed to allow for the maximum amount of rest for Mom. Night shifts typically range from 9-12 hours in length depending on the needs of each individual client. Frequency of services vary from 3-6 nights per week with a minimum of a 4 week contract.

Rates for night services range depending on the number of infants and traveling distance to your home.

Postpartum Doula Services– A postpartum doula has a different role than a baby nurse or night nurse. If you are seeking day time support during the postpartum period a doula may be just what you’re looking for. A postpartum doula’s role is to serve and support the new mother and help to integrate the new baby into the home. A doula is there to ‘mother the mother’ by offering breastfeeding support, cooking a meal, watching older siblings, doing the dishes, running a few loads of laundry or other light housekeeping duties. As a postpartum doula I am also qualified to teach and answer questions regarding your newborn and offer hands on care for the baby when you need a break. Typically postpartum doula services are offered M-F during daytime hours.

Please note: If you are hiring me to work overnights in a location other than Northeast Ohio you will need to provide room and board as well as transportation to and from your home.

Nationwide Baby Nurse Services –

Traveling Baby Nurse Services 24 hour, live in care-I work around the clock with the exception of a scheduled, 5-hour daily break. At night I feed your bottle-fed baby so you can rest. If Mom is breastfeeding I bring baby to Mom and then settle baby back to bed after feeding. During the day I resume all responsibilities of newborn care, as needed. While I am available virtually around the clock I welcome parental involvement. You are always free to step in and spend time with your baby. The role of a baby nurse is multifaceted. She is a hands-on care provider as well as a teacher and coach to new parents. In addition to full charge care she is available to assist with the first bath, advise on scheduling, keep records of your newborn’s activities/moods and handle all baby related housekeeping duties. For a detailed list of baby nurse duties please visit my FAQ page.

Daily rates for 24 hour care are negotiable and vary depending on region and each individual situation.

Please note: When my services are contracted for longer than 3 weeks I require a minimum
of one day off every other week.