Postpartum Support

1Postpartum support is the art of providing loving compassionate support, backed by evidence based knowledge to new parents while walking them through the transitions associated with bringing a new baby home.

Modern Baby Nurse will be your personal guide dedicated to helping you be the parent you’ve dreamt of being. Modern Baby Nurse wants to put you at ease – so that you can celebrate this magical time while escaping any anxiety that may come with it.

Our postpartum doulas are experts that will help you build the necessary confidence to equip you for early parenting. The responsibilities at home don’t have to be overlooked! We can help with laundry, meal preparation and other light housekeeping.

Rest comfortably throughout the night while your doula bottle feeds your baby or gently wakes you to nurse your baby — let us take care of everything in between – burping, diaper changing, swaddling and cuddling. In the morning when you awake, your doula will share with you everything your baby did while you were resting so that you may continue the day with consistent care.
As hands-on educators, Modern Baby Nurse wants you to feel comfortable asking ANYTHING! Consider us your parenting encyclopedia as we help you embrace this new journey into parenthood by providing in home, unbiased evidence based support.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.44.35 PMModern Baby Nurse knows being a new mom or dad is demanding and you can’t be the best you, without having quality time to meet your own needs.

More commonly referred to as a night nurse, Modern Baby Nurse supports you during the wee hours of the night by making sure your baby doesn’t stop getting the care they are accustomed to receiving throughout the day.

Our expertly trained team of specialists are fully equipped to meet the needs of your little one while compassionately providing a peaceful environment conducive to sleep.

Together, we will develop a schedule that feels right to you. You will awake in the morning feeling refreshed knowing your baby was attended properly during the night.

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