Placenta Encapsulation

mbn-jennPlacenta encapsulation, while not much research is available to support it, has proven anecdotally to be remarkably advantageous to the women who choose it.

This modern practice is pivotal in assisting your body with the recovery from childbirth and Modern Baby Nurse is happy to offer this service to you.

Placenta encapsulation is a safe, sanitary practice that has been known to:

  • Decease the risk of postpartum depression (PPD),
  • Increase energy levels
  • Increase breast milk supply

There are many methods in which to encapsulate the placenta.  The most common and the method used by Modern Baby Nurse involves first, steaming and dehydrating the placenta and then crushing it into powder form in order to encapsulate it

Modern Baby Nurse wants you to reap the rewards associated with a smooth and speedy postpartum recovery and placenta consumption can help expedite that process.

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