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For most women, breastfeeding is often hard at one time or another for any number of reasons.

There are a variety of issues and ailments that can make breastfeeding challenging or even painful for mom and baby. When issues arise, it’s pertinent to seek help immediately to avoid breast damage and discomfort. Therefore, having resources and educational opportunities at your disposal is vitally important. In today’s blog, we are going over some local lactation resources.


Where can you find a Lactation Consultant?

Many women looking for breastfeeding help often are not sure where to start their search a lactation consultant and the results on Google can be quickly overwhelming. Many lactation consultants own their own private businesses and can often be found with a quick search or through word of mouth. Contacting your baby’s pediatrician office is another great way to find a Lactation Consultant (LC) to meet your needs. If they don’t have an LC on staff they often have great referrals. The postpartum floor at your local hospital will likely have LC’s on call that may be able to assist you while you are in the hospital. If seeking a LC at a hospital, it is advisable to check with the hospital about their policies before breastfeeding issues arise. If all else fails, the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA) has a searchable directory of LC’s.


Cleveland breastfeeding resources

If you are expecting in Cleveland or need Cleveland breastfeeding resources, there are a number of local lactation resources available to you. University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital hosts a number of different classes including regularly scheduled breastfeeding classes. Being educated about breastfeeding makes it that much easier to know when to seek help when issues arise. Breastfeeding Medicine of NE Ohio  and the Cleveland Clinic both offer support groups as well as access to Cleveland lactation consultants. The Cleveland Clinic also offers childbirth and parenting classes as well as a help line.  The Metro Health Medical Center provides Cleveland breastfeeding mothers support through their breastfeeding clinic.


Akron lactation consultants & classes

If you are pregnant in Akron, Akron General hosts a number of classes at their women’s center. Their two breastfeeding classes include a breastfeeding essentials and breastfeeding beyond the first six weeks class. Akron’s Children’s Hospital offers a weekly support group for breastfeeding mothers that is led by a lactation consultant. The group provides an atmosphere that helps foster strong relationships between the mothers in the group. This sense of community can be valuable when having difficulty breastfeeding. Summa Akron City Hospital also offers support groups in addition to other local lactation resources such as their lactation center and outpatient consultations. A list of their breastfeeding resources and contact information can be found here.


Other resources

La Leche League has a number of local lactation resources available to northeast Ohio breastfeeding mothers. They are committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers through meetings and providing needed information. They want to empower you and help you on your breastfeeding journey so don’t hesitate to reach out. There are also other online resources such as that may be useful to you.