First and foremost, we applaud you for taking the first step toward seeking the support that suits your family and your lifestyle.
That is what Modern Baby Nurse is here for!

mbn-jennI’m Jennifer White, the owner of Modern Baby Nurse, and my philosophy is simple — I want your Modern Baby Nurse to be a calming presence in your home while helping you explore your options and to provide unbiased support.

Our job is to teach, through example, and provide parents with the tools needed to take over when we leave. We do this with a warm and professional approach that won’t disturb the natural flow of your home. We are fully capable of full-charge infant care, but like to keep parental and sibling involvement in mind. Our goal is to encourage and support bonding between parents, siblings and newborn.

Our team is educated in a multitude of health benefits associated with breastfeeding (for both mother and child) and thus encourage breastfeeding for moms who choose to nurse. Conversely, we fully support any mother’s decision to formula feed if she so chooses. We recognize that not all women can, or prefer to breastfeed and our support is not reliant upon choice.

As the owner and founder of Modern Baby Nurse, my background includes:

  • Long term nanny positions
  • Care for multiples (twins, triplets, quints)
  • Support for families with premature newborns
  • Support for families of all feeding choices
  • Support for families with infants with special circumstances
  • Fully knowledgeable in reflux, sleep apnea and feeding pumps
  • Newborn safety
  • Postpartum recovery and newborn care

My education includes:

  • ProDoula Postpartum Doula 2016
  • Advanced Newborn Care Specialist Training 2016
  • Cuyahoga Community College A.S. Nursing 2009-2013
  • International Nanny Association Conference 2013
  • International Nanny Association Conference 2011
  • DONA Postpartum Doula 2005

I became known as a baby-whisperer early in my career but fully believe that my support and encouragement put my clients at ease, thus calming their babies. My team agrees!

I strongly believe continuing education is a necessity to adequately supporting families. The Modern Baby Nurse team is required to stay current with industry standards and continue their education at every opportunity.

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