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Postpartum Support Services in the Greater Cleveland and Akron Areas.

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Modern Baby Nurse is a company for contemporary parents who seek to care for their baby in a style unique to them.

We are here to align with your vision for raising your family.

We want to help you break the mold. Outdated and antiquated newborn care information and advice that you get from those nearest and dearest to you, is not always in your best interest. We bring with us the evidence based information that is current in order to help you determine what is best for your family and then we support your choice.

You want to be the best parent you can be without sacrificing your sanity, and we can help.

We know life doesn’t “pause” when you have a baby, and we want to help you balance all of the important things in your life, while making sure you give this baby your instinctive nurturing during the critical newborn phase.

We take excellent care of you and your baby and are happy to provide exceptional service around the clock.


Modern Baby Nurse offers a variety of customizable services for the kind of support you are seeking. Postpartum doula, night nurse, and sleep coach are just some of the hats Modern Baby Nurse wears to aid our clients through the difficulties and unpredictable schedules that newborns bring with them.


Modern Baby Nurse is a service dedicated to caring for you, as you learn to care for your baby.

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What people are saying!

“Our postpartum doula is a calm and caring person and very knowledgeable about baby care. She introduced us to many new and practical baby products, such as the best pacifiers and swaddling blankets, and had many useful suggestions for baby care. Her help was invaluable.”
--Mother of Newborn Twins

“At the end of our night nurse’s time with us I felt a sadness not to have her around any longer. She was a complete joy to have around and I felt fortunate to have her watch over my daughter.”
-Mother of Singleton

“We delivered early, at 30 weeks and our son and daughter were in the NICU for four weeks. They arrived home tiny and on apnea monitors. Our night nurse was a god-send to us. She arrived for night duties rarin’ to go. Her demeanor was pleasant, caring and affectionate. The twins took to her immediately, as did we. She was confident in her abilities and had a way of putting us all at ease."
-Mother of Premature Twins